Shower Whips

Small Jar


Large Jar


Lady million


Smooth blended whipped soap with added sweet almond oil and blended oils to create that distincti lady million fragrance 

small 4

larage 7



Bath Melts

Candy Skulls


Delicately blended oils and butters made into the most luxury bath melt 

coconut oils


shea butter

lemon oils

smells like white chocolate and no moisturiser needed just pat skin dry after bath

leaves skin silky smooth and rejuvenated 

£3.50 pack of 5

Body scrubs

Pink coyote


The ultimate body scrub containing pink Himalayan rock salt with over 84 natural oats 

lemon essential oil blended oils and Shea butter

simply apply in circular motions in the bath or shower and rinse away.leaving skin so soft you will agree its the best most luxury scrub ever 




Blended just like dark materials 

with Ylang Ylang,patchouli and vetiver

warm earthy sensual and mysterious 



Blended just like our signature soap containing essential oils

lifting spirits and warming your soul


The Marmalade


Mmmm smell those sweets oranges

blended essential,oil soap containing real marmalade and sweet orange oil

blended with butters and a crystal pure base to give you a perfect ball of love.

Brings cheers and happiness to the mind,fantastic and combating stress and nervous tension

nourishing to dry irritated skin helps to heal and soften

using sweet orange oils products can help to fight off colds and flu and also helps relax nervous tension and ease insomnia



Full jar of leglow

including 2 glow in the dark

each jar contains full 7 pieces

black - Lavender

white - Pear drops

Yellow - Lemon & Lime

Blue - Summer Fresh

Red - Strawberry 

Green - Tea Tree & Peppermint 

The Exfoliator


Almond oil Shea butter chai seeds and oats all play a perfect performance in our exfoliating bar

blended with lemon oil,milk and honey to perfectly pamper your skin

exfoliates dead skin cells



antiseptic properties

clears pores

kills bacteria on skin promoting good skin health

packed with antioxidants 

helps skin renew and heal

great on acne prone skin


contains almond oil 

contains lemon oil and must be rinsed off thoroughly from skin before exposing to direct sunlight 

Dark Materials


Dark materials is warm soothing with a distinctive heady aroma

blended with the finest essential oil blend of 

Ylang ylang



will heal rough and cracked skin

helps to regenerate new skin cells

strong astringent properties so will tighten loose skin 

balances the skin and is soothing 

fragrant aphrodisiac 

helps to relax sore tired muscles 



Either a square block

heart or our bubba hubba owl

smells just like bubblegum pink creamy texture

added Shea butter for skin softness

Neroli essential oil blended



skin regenerator

perfect for scar tissue,cellulite and dry rough skin

Peppermint patty


Made with olive oil and a blend of Cyprus,geraniu and peppermint oil.pure Shea butter adds a creamy texture.


helps regulate blood flow to skin 

stress reliever 

calms inflammation and irritation 

can help reduce spider veins

tightens the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

slows down premature aging 

natural cleansing agents

great for men as a shaving bar too

relathers easily and helps reduce irritation from shaving

sls parabans free